sábado, novembro 24, 2012


Oii todo mundo! Hoje eu to aqui pra falar do 'Julmust' (Sueco jul "Yule" e must "suco")  é uma bebida suave que é consumida principalmente na Suécia por volta do Natal. Mas também tem aqui na Finlandia, quase tudo que tem na suecia tem aqui, sao países vizinhos né :p Eu amei essa bebida, é tipo um refrigerante, mas voce nao sente aquele gas forte, é mais leve do que coca cola, e muito mais gostoso, nada a ver com coca cola no sabor. E eles só vendem nessa época antes e durante o natal, depois só em um ano.

Julmust (Swedish jul "Yule" and must "juice") is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas. What i can say about that drink? It's delicious! i love love it so much, more than coke! Today was my first try on julmust :D i'll buy more and more, because they are selling only in the christimas time :/ sad but true.

more julmust to me! yum yumm :3

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  1. Accidentally found your blog when I was googling how to find "julmust" in Helsinki. I'm from Sweden but I live in Helsinki for the time being. Today I got this craving for julmust so please can you tell me where you bought it? Thanks in advance and nice you enjoyed it! :)


    1. Oh well, i'm glad that you found my blog hehe! They are selling julmust in every story. But they are not together with the normal drinks, you can find julmust with christimas stuff, or ask to anybody in the story, i'm sure they will help you :D I found in smarket, and another that i can't remember the name. I hope i helped you :)

    2. Thank you very much! You helped a lot! Will go out for a julmust hunt tomorrow! :)